Introduction to Banishing and Binding Spells

Banishing and Binding Spells



When magicians are approached for help when someone is behaving badly, there is an expectation , and sometimes a fear, that stopping the person necessarily means inflicting harm. These concerns are directly related to the belief that spells that prevent this behavior are hexes or curses intended to harm or damage. Nothing could be further from the truth, banishing spells that stop bullies, oppressors, and tormentors are designed to prevent harm – not inflict it.

The terms banishing and binding spells bear this out.

To banish might mean either to move someone on to another place or to banish an aspect of their behavior that is proving a problem to their peers , neighbors, or co-workers.

To bind someone is to inhibit their ability to cause damage to others.

Banishing spells work on several levels.

There is another sense in which banishment is used in magic, and that is to diminish the worst of the damage left in the wake of destructive behavior.

This is extended to include emotional detritus left following sad or traumatic events.

Banishing spells can help banish your own bad habits if, with a little imagination ,you adapt some of those in the following section.

As you can see, there is a lot of scope for addressing harm in the range of banishing spells offered here- and not a curse in sight.

Binding spells are particularly persuasive when used to force someone to acknowledge the consequences of their actions. A binding Spell imprisons an evildoer by their own behavior, which will continue to bounce back to them until they decide to behave decently.

The bird’s Nest Spell continues this theme, this time providing a more in – your – face confrontational method, which means that the culprit will find the outcome of their actions returning to their own doorstep. This type of confrontation offers the chance to the perpetrator to “make good”. If they choose not to , then the consequences of their conduct will continue to bedevil them until they cease. Sometimes bindings depend on making visible to others the deceitful deeds of a wrongdoer- and here the powerful Water Element Spell provides the means by which to do this.

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