My Practical Fairy Magic Garden


How I made my Practical Fairy Magic Garden


Ever since i was a young girl i believed in Fairies.I had fairy friends who visited me at dusk.We played all sorts of fun games.

I always left out a small thimble of milk and some cookie crumbs out in the garden for them.

As i grew older and other every day life things got more important i forgot about the fairies. They didn’t forget about me though.

I would find my hair ribbons that i left in my room somewhere in the garden in a bush.

Also a lot of my earrings went missing and were found somewhere around the garden. I never suspected the fairies , i thought my younger brother was playing jokes on me.

It wasn’t until i was much older and had a daughter if my own that i remembered about the fairies.My daughter could always be found in our garden talking to some unseen friends.

We both decided to make a fairy garden to  give her fairy friends a home.I had collected some ornaments through the years and they were perfect for our fairy garden . We had little dragons, old little ceramic houses and other stuff that we used to create a fairy magical place for our fairy friends.


Practical Fairy Magic

As you can see from the photo you can use most anything in your fairy garden. As example i used some old fake flowers to add some colors .I also added some solar lights in the shape of ladybugs for around the rim of the fairy garden.

You can get all sort of shapes in solar lights and the good thing is you don’t need electricity so you can put your  fairy  garden anywhere you like.


Practical fairy Magic


My Practical Fairy Magic Garden by night.I added some tea lights in old candle holders , it really gives it that beautiful atmosphere at night.

Practical Fairy Magic


A pic of a part of my practical fairy magic garden at night.

Practical Fairy Magic




Practical Fairy Magic

To make it more life like i used real moss in the tray, it’s a little high maintenance as you have to spray the moss daily with water unless you have it outside.I had my fairy garden on my patio.It looked really good at night when the solar lights were on.

Just to add more light i put some old candle holder for tea lights.They look really great and provide extra light

Practical Fairy Magic

Practical Fairy MagicPractical Fairy Magic

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